Praise be Mother Nature

Today, I vow to myself,

To choose perfection over limitations;

To choose righteousness over wrong;

To choose can over can not.

Not be the sum of my fears,

Rather, that of my goals,

In thought and in actions,

Of body and of soul.

After all, I am so close.



Never What it Seems

Near is the coming, not going with ease;

Way too wrinkled, one too many a crease.

Broken in places, still I grew;

Cracked like a sieve, light shimmering through.

Of skin and tissue, allegedly unable to feel;

Look inside you’ll see, that really, I’m unable to heal.

Grew up under a shadow, amidst cheers to stand tall;

Dug deep but there too, a shortfall.

Only wanted to help; settled on shallow and spread;

Now I’m dead in the center, as I’m lain to bed.

An unsent prayer is all I have left;

Let me live free, for I am just a tree.



My Dream Makers

Alone in my room with the lights on,

praying that no monsters came along;

While I slept you watched over me,

until the day my heart was strong.

Waiting hungrily with a growl,

brandishing my arms ready to maul;

You fed me without a gripe,

until I stopped to bawl.

Now these eyes are upon you,

taking in all that you do;

Now these hands are eager to do

everything that you do;

Now the child is dreaming of

the day he’ll be like you.



The ones that make it possible

Both of you, I love the most

should the witness be

the Father, Son, or the Holy Ghost

Given to me you have

everything and more

Not only time and support

but also every gift and chore

Been to me you have

the convention and at odds with trend

not only mom and dad

but also sibling and friend

Shown me you have

all of this and some of that

Hopefully making me

a balance of extremes

Your purest gift has been

to make me for love and

to chase the wildest of dreams

So distance and borders

may appear as deflection

but the truest way I can pay it back

is by being your reflection



Going with the Flow… is all about Balance

Weather changes

Places change

People change

Feelings change too

Ephemeral yet real

is the nature of it all

What is life then?

but for moments of passion?

and for finding your flow?

but for the feeling of love?

and chasing what makes you glow?

The answer therefore is right there

It’s not yesterday or tomorrow that you need to fear

It’s all about what is right here

It’s not about what you have

but about what you make of it

Sometimes though you make nothing

of the things that could make your day

of the things that life blossoms in your way

Are you living life then?

The way you could.




Leaning into everything the humanity of my existence will allow…